D eveloped by the Center of Excellence for Zoonotic and Animal Disease Defense (ZADD) co-lead at Texas A&M University (IIAD), AgConnect® is a suite of data integration and analysis products designed to enhance situational awareness during infectious animal disease outbreaks. AgConnect® is a portable system that can be rapidly launched and implemented. It combines a variety of data sources into customizable applications that are easy-to-use, provide updates in real time, and are based on a single common operating picture.

AgConnect® mCVI, which enables creation and submission of animal health certificates, is being piloted with more than 700 users across 16 states.

The AgConnect® suite includes the following tools:

  • AgConnect® mHealth provides industry-specific mobile applications for collecting and analyzing animal health surveillance data in the field. 
  • AgConnect® mCVI allows veterinarians to submit certificates of veterinary inspection to state animal health official offices from their mobile devices.
  • AgConnect® HealthNet provides a comprehensive view of animal health to aid in early detection or disease or monitor changes in animal health status.
  • AgConnect® LabNet is a web-based tool that determines resource availability, allowing laboratories and laboratory networks to prioritize lab activities during an outbreak.
  • AgConnect® ResponseNet is a web-based response and business continuity planning suite that supports data integration and visualization for large- and small-scale incident management to facilitate decision-making through official government systems of record.